The LastMatTM Advantage

LastMatTM excavation mats:
  • are constructed using a one-piece steel design with welded seams. No splintering, cracking or rotting of timber hardwoods;
  • are designed to withstand rugged conditions for years to come;
  • are impervious to insect infestation;
  • are more environmentally friendly than hardwood timber mats;
  • require no dangerous connecting cables, lifting cables or nuts and bolts that continually break on the job site;
  • are easier to handle, safer and more efficient;
  • have a longer in-service life than hardwood timber mats;
  • are considerably lighter than hardwood timber mats. A 6'x24' LastMatTM excavation mat weighs only approximately 5300 lbs. A comparable hardwood timber mat weighs approximately 7500 lbs. Less weight means more excavation mats to the truckload, easier handling and less wear and tear on equipment;
  • are operator friendly and designed with anti-skid cleats to reduce track slippage;
  • can be engineered and constructed for your specific job application;
  • can be fabricated locally, reducing long haul shipping charges; and
  • are more cost effective than hardwood timber mats.
LastMatTM excavation mats are Patented
US Patent No. 6,007,271

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